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algae *Biofuel Digest - October 2009


The Wall Street Journal identified algae-based biofuels as one of "Five Technologies That Could Change Everything" - [a technology]  that will be the major breakthrough that “could radically change the world energy picture.”  (Wall Street Journal - October 2009)

Algae can produce 15-300 times more oil per acre than conventional crops, such as rapeseed, palms, soybeans, or jatropha.  As Algae has a harvesting cycle of 1–10 days, it permits several harvests in a very short time frame. Algae can also be grown on land that is not suitable for other established crops, for instance, arid land, land with excessively saline soil, and drought-stricken land. This minimizes the issue of taking away pieces of land from the cultivation of food crops (Schenk et al. 2008). Algae can grow and reproduce approx 30 times faster than food crops. (wikipedia - January 2010)


Lester Kalmanson Agency, Inc understands the needs and requirements involved in insuring algae, whether seeking coverage for the stock - mortality / perils ( ie wind storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, extreme temperatures, bacteria, etc ) and / or liability for the algae farm(s).  Coverage is offered for facilities both large and small, from 1+ acre ponds - tailored and manuscripted for your operation(s) and / or activities.  

Download, print, and mail / fax the Algae Information Sheet or the complete Algae Application for a quote.  Contact our office 407-645-5000 for additional information.


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