Expert Witness

  • Animal Valuation
  • Exotic Animal Regulations & Permits
  • Import / Export Shipments & Risk Management
  • Animal &/or Entertainment Liability Placement &/or Interpretation
  • Animal Mortality Coverage Interpretation, Underwriting, & Policy Term and Conditions
  • Liability Policy Interpretation
  • Excess & Surplus Lines Policy(s)
  • Insurance Claims Adjusting &/or Management Services
  • Policy / Claim Interpretation - Pricing, Terms, & Conditions
  • Expert Testimony with an Emphasis on Persuasive Discourse
  • Property Casualty Insurance Agency Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) &/or Protocols
  • Surplus Lines Filing, Taxes, etc
  • Manuscript Policy Forms / Wordings
  • Dealing with International Insurance Marketplace(s)
  • Survey &/or Inspections Worldwide
  • Animal Welfare &/or Life Support Systems
  • Risk Assessment
  • Risk Management Service(s) / Protocol(s)
  • Litigation Management
  • Providing Innovative Underwriting for Difficult Cases - Risks




Mitchel Kalmanson has a proven track record in development, marketing, and service of highly specialized insurance programs and related services.  He is currently involved in buying, transporting, valuation, selling, pen/compound design, and animal management of both domestic and exotic animals throughout the USA and around the world.  He is heavily involved with the Loss Prevention and Risk Management for the Rare and Unusual Risks of Insurance/Loss.


  • Retained on several occasions as an Expert Witness by Certain Underwriters at Lloyds of London on mobilization valuation shipping of various domestic and exotic animals
  • Retained to help a Professional Entertainer in Las Vegas, NV with exotic animals obtain permission to house/keep said animals in the city and to provide written expert opinions to the safety and caging of the animals
  • Part of Giant Panda Team responsible for the shipment from Shanghai, China to San Diego Zoo, California as well as the placement of the animal mortality insurance
  • Retained as an Expert Witness for five (5) cases in South Florida - Post Hurricane Andrew Insurance issues
  • Prepared a complete Manuscript Risk Management Manual for "Universoul Circus"
  • Called upon frequently to consult on various exotic animal risks &/or facilities around the world.
  • Load Master, Animal Mortality, Transportation Arrangements, Container Construction, and movement of female Yangtze Giant Softshell (Rafetus) Turtle in an effort to save the species from extinction- China


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